Over the years I have studied various modalities involving the connection between universal energy and their vibrational frequencies. 

During my years of working in the automotive business, I began having shoulder pain that only increased over the years.  After many physical therapy appointments and Cortisone shots, I never seemed to get much relief.  Later a co-worker recommended that I go see an acupuncturist.  Nervous and with a dislike of needles, reluctantly I finally went.  The holistic approach that this acupuncturist used opened my eyes to a whole new approach of healing. After a few sessions I felt much better.

This experience peeked my interest in studying other holistic therapies that maybe did not involve needles. In 2004 I sought out various holistic healing modalities.  My research lead me to becoming certified in Cranial Sacral Therapy (CS1, CS2) and Samato Emotional Release Therapy (SER1), Reiki 1, 2, Reiki Master and teacher of the Usui Reiki Tradition all levels.  I am thankful every day for my gift and the ability to share it with you.

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Cranial Sacral Therapy

 CS1, CS2

Samato Emotional Release