Reiki is a holistic approach to healing the body, mind and soul. It will clear blockages in the chakra fields of the bodies energy system, recharge your energy level, transmute any negative energy in your body to positive and allow you to enter a state of deep relaxation and healing. Sessions start with connection to the universal energy that is always around us.  The calming flow will allow you to ground your energy.  Thus, allowing you to be more peaceful and calm. This will allow the connection to the conscious and subconscious and begin the healing process.  Reiki energy flows to the areas of the body, mind and or soul where it is most needed at the time.  The areas of healing can be physical, clearing any blockages or stagnation from past experiences or just simple much needed body relaxation from stress.

No Sessions are offered at this time ($70.00/hr)

Currently with the pandemic Covid 19, I am offering distance Reiki sessions.  Some may ask how does that work?  Rest assure that it has been a common practice for many years.  Reiki works through symbology and universal energies which flows all around us at all times.  During a Distance session I will connect with your energy through the Reiki symbols and universal energy.  Similar to dropping a pebble in a lake and the ripples travel in accordance to energy that that was put into the pebble.  During a distance session my energy and focus will be on connecting and directing Reiki energy to where your body, mind and soul needs it.  All you will need to do is find a relaxing place to lay down or sit for approximately 55 minutes. We will connect via phone or Zoom 10 minutes prior to session for a brief consultation.  After consultation you will need to get into your relaxed position and your Reiki session will begin. Distance sessions are $60.00  

I am available by appointment only for distance Intuitive Readings.  Intuitive reading is an exchange of energy that allows me to receive messages on your behalf from Spiritual Guides. Prior to the reading I will connect to a Higher power of consciousness, Spiritual Guides and Guardians.  You will guide the initial conversation with any specific questions that you may have.  If you just want a general session that is fine too.  In general sessions the information that may come out can be anything from life circumstances, job, or past to present reflections.  Sometimes readings are joyous, informative and can be potentially heartbreaking.  For that reason I ask that you have tissues near by just in case.  I also ask that you do not drink any alcohol or take any narcotics 24 hours prior to reading.

Readings are 30 minutes for $30.00. 

This time can be extended for $1.00 per each additional minute.

All group session are cancelled until further notice.

Wooden Hut

More information soon to come.

Yoga at Home

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